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How can Twitter affect your SEO, and how can you use Twitter to improve your SEO? And how does the creation of Gab, a rival to Twitter, affect your Twitter SEO strategy?

Content Promotion – Twitter allows for links which means those who read it will improve its rankings with the search engine, and social media sharing via re-Tweets could expand the readers beyond your immediate following.

Customer Engagement – One of the benefits of Twitter is the ease with which you can reach your audience. For many, it is a way to build customer engagement and brand recognition. When people can send the CEO questions that are viewed by all, it is empowering and personal, all at once. When the CEO answers, they are seen by the public as being engaged with the user community.


twitter and seobox hashtag
Hand showing hashtag notification concept by

Hashtags share a big role in the popularity of your posts on social media.

Hashtags – You can improve the searchability of content on the company brand by adding the hash tag for the company or brand to the tags for the webpage and referencing it in the content, too. This marries into SEO but not as indepth as SEO companies operate.

Brand Credibility – the consistency of your brand name in social medias help to identify pretenders. This is not as important as the verification badge on Twitter, but it does matter. Third, it improves the SEO of the social media accounts. Fourth, it improves the weight search engines give the brand because of this consistent branding across social media platforms.

Twitter’s SEO – In 2015, Google made many of the top Tweets searchable, and they are one of the most likely search results to come up in the top few lines of an instant answers query. You can improve the SEO of your Tweets and content by using targeted keywords in the Tweets with links to the content in the same messages.

From all the above we can learn that Twitter adds to improvement of a businesses’s brand recognition while Twitter is easy to use there are some methods to optimizing your Twitter account to its full potential, that’s where SEOBox comes in, SEOBox takes your Twitter to its maximum potential to give you guaranteed results.

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