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These 6 steps are a powerful combination of services designed to virtually guarantee web marketing success. The 6 Step Plan for Web Marketing Success was created by SeoBox Digital Marketing and there web marketing staff. Here is a quick overview of each of the steps. Feel free to contact us for any further detail or to expand on how these 6 steps can help your business.

  1. Website:   This is essentially a company’s very first online marketing tool. Your website should be mobile friendly and easy to use. Website addresses should be unique, simple, short, and memorable, as well as strongly reflect what a company stands for and intends to offer their target audience.
  2. Landing Pages:   Any web page you set up that’s designed to prompt visitors to take a specific action. This page usually has the best design to entice readers to view your website further.
  3. Content:   Better content makes for a better website. Content should be packed with keywords that search engines can easily pick up on when a web user is online. But it needs to be related to your businesses information in some form or way.
  4. New material and Updates:   Constant new information is added will give your website content more bulk that has the added benefit of enticing viewers to return. Constant improvements will always have your consumers interested.
  5. Marketing your website:   Advertising your website on other website’s advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads or any other form of free social media aids in the growth of your business’s availability and accessibility.
  6. Blog:   Blogs are fast becoming essential tools for online marketers as they can build a content rich website, as well as attract targeted traffic from all major search engines.
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We hope you found this article intriguing and we wish you the best for your online journey to growing your business. However if you feel you need more help or would like to take Online Marketing a little more seriously, you may contact us or email us at or and we will set you up on a more professional format to improving your business online.


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